Well, I stop coming in WMN because I am addicted to the internet but it does not help. I use as much time on the net anyway. So better be there where I can speak about what is realy the problem than using hours to read about realy stupid things.

I am not DD so much now. My DD are on "replay mode", that mean I got back to situations I have immagine monts or year ago.

I am stil going to my concelor but we most of the time do not speak about DD. We speak about me dealing with real wold, real feelings, real situation. I belive she is write about this. DD is not the problem. DD are my hiding place, but why do I need to hide anyway? Thats the real question

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Comment by Iris on June 13, 2013 at 6:11am

Welcome back Pascale,

we are hiding from our real feelings. If we can face them, we will no longer need daydreaming. I just read a post that you have written in February:


"I fear to love and get hurt, I fear to trust and be betrayed.

I fear not to love and have no-one who care for me

I fear to be alone and I fear to meet people.

I fear to live and I fear not to be alive.

I fear pain and I fear happiness.

For happiness is having something you can lose,

Love is having someone who can let you down.


In the stronghold of my fantasy I have nothing to fear.  

I know who I can trust and will never let me"


I like this very much. I also think that fear is the main problem. Have you already analysed your early childhood? Have you ever read a book by Alice Miller (polish/swiss psychologist)? It helped me a lot.

Like you, I don't daydream that much and I also repeat episodes that are months or years old. But I always come back to daydreams to comfort me.

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