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In the absence of other humans' presence I thrive,
Yet with out other humans I do not strive,
Even in the light of day,
I cannot keep these thoughts away,
My heart is heavy,
No crime is petty,
I must walk straight and steady.

In all this searing searing heat,
I control an ocean fleet,
In the freezing freezing cold,
I become Great and bold,

Without love without war,
Nihilism forevermore,
Alone desolate silent clear,
All the things I'm meant to fear,

Without passion without Grace,
I no longer have a face,
Straighten the back,
mend the words,
Returning home I shall purge,

I'm not right I am wrong,
I shall be thrown along,
With every fighting stance I take,
Words thrown at me... fabricate
What have I done,
what must I do,
I cry I cry I cry askew

Wait forever,
Wait some more,
Longer longer, mind is sore.

I tested you once,
I tested you thrice,
Bearing no extra sacrifice,
With every test you have passed,
I feel my heart Shall no longer last,

I'll wait and wait and wait longer,
Till I see you again you fishmonger!

(Lol that last part was kind of mean!(^∇^)

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