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Withdrawl and the sads.

I just returned from a month long break, in which I was able to daydream as much as I wanted. I'm now back in my dorm room with zero privacy, and very antsy about trying to settle into the routine I had before leaving. 

Once I've been here for a week or so I know it will wear off, but right now I feel ridiculously smothered by the presence of my roomate, and even just being in different surroundings.

I need to get the edge off but have already been to the gym today and…


Added by Kirsty Amhert on January 15, 2012 at 2:41pm — 3 Comments

Essay on obsession

I have to write a short, one=page essay on obsessions. 

I have one idea, but am having trouble fleshing it out. I am obsessed with being indefinable in my image, as in, I alter my style and appearance drastically every other day.  

I'm not sure why. I like to have many different images, and it makes me angry when people try to define me directly, even with unavoidable things.

What are your obsessions, day dreamers? Except daydreaming of course, I didn't think I could fit…


Added by Kirsty Amhert on November 22, 2011 at 9:12am — 3 Comments

No desire for real people?

Not sure if this actually intertwines with MD or not, but would like some opinions/thoughts on it.

I have little to no desire to actually be around real people. To go out, socialize, impress, nothing. I also have no desire for any kind of emotional or physical companionship. 

I have to remind myself constantly, to the point of writing it down sometimes, that I have to keep people in mind for certain things, else I will forget about them. People are like an obligation to me.…


Added by Kirsty Amhert on November 15, 2011 at 2:38pm — 14 Comments

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