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loving fluoxetine - byebye drop dead fred

been on 40mgs of fluoxetine for a while now and i can honestly say it definitely helps me to control my md.

 I still do it dont get me wrong but its much much less now than before.

 i guess this is because the fluoxetine ie prozac stops you from being able to concentrate for too long and it peps you up so you dont need as much daydream-time.


citalopram on the other hand was pure evil stuff and it got me lost in my…


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Schizoid Personality disorder

Ive been researching guys and there some massive likeness to SPD.....

"Schizoid individuals are also prone to developing pathological reliance on fantasizing activity as concomitant with their withdrawal from the world. Viewed in this fashion, fantasy constitutes a core component of the self-in-exile"

Klein- Disorders of The Self: New Therapeutic Horizons, Brunner and Mazel (1995) p.…


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