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MDD has caused me to hurt myself by biting my two index fingers

Sounds crazy but because  I have such family abuse in my childhood and problems with classmates and coworkers I have  long dreams about what they did to me. I get sooooo angry that I bite my two index fingers hard to make the dream feel real.  Its like the dream drums up so much hurt and pain and the only way to feel like I am letting it out is to bite my fingers. Many people ask about the scabs on my pointer fingers and I lie and say its exzema or that I got  burned or something like…


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It is the girl in the mirror and her music

For me the majority of my daydreaming is done with headphones on and looking in the mirror. My dream self and all my scenarios go on in my head lasting for hours. If  I had a stressful day the first thing I would do when I go home is lock myself in my apartment and dream while looking into the mirror. This is why I could not have a roommate because they would see my strange behavior. Now I am living with family and I have my own room. I go there to dream. They call me but I can't hear them…


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Thank you Cordelia for making this website!

And I thought I was the only one. I didn't even know what to call it. When I got on the internet and began to  finally ask questions I found out that it was called Maladaptive Daydreaming. I am now pushing 40 yrs old and this will be the first time I ever speak about it to anyone. I have missed out on soooo much of my life because of my "other worlds". The education, job opportunities, dating, marriage, learning how to drive a car etc etc. because of daydreaming. I am a Pisces and an…


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