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incoming MDer

So I have a relative, a kid. He's 9 years old and i'm afraid he might become an MDer because he's actively daydreaming.. I started MDing when I was 10 so i'm a bit worried. I don't know how sto prevent it or if I should......

I just don't want that kid to go through what i've gone through and am going through.....

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MY Moment Of TRUTH

It was April 24th of this year, so that is approximately 2 weeks and 3 days. I was at my soon-to-be state university for my interview and enrolment, I decided to take up Bachelor of Science in Psychology(clinical) so to understand myself and everyone else, I decided that I could also use this as a pre-med since most members of my family on my mother's side are in the med field.

But when I got there, and was informed that my course is overloaded so I ended up getting myself… Continue

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My First Maladaptive Daydreaming

So I'm 17 now, and I've had MD since I was 11. I knew that there was already something wrong with me when I first started daydreaming UNUSUALLY. I think what first triggered my MD is a chinese movie called So Close, I was so taken by this that I started making a male character to correspond to the female character in real life(but of they're not real, except the actress). I was dribbling a ball, and the plot was they're both actors in reality and they're together, I remember my mom even caught… Continue

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