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I Told My Mom about My Md! :-D

Guess What Guys! :-D I Finally sat my Mom Down and Explained to her about my Disorder. Surprisingly she actually took the time to listen and wasnt Judgemental at all! She just told me to pray on it, don't let my disorder get to me, and to just be patient until they do more research on Md before trying Meds. She was very understanding, and i am so happy and relieved that the most important person in my life knows what im going through and still supports me and is there for Me! All Smiles Over… Continue

Added by Shayna Marie on January 29, 2012 at 5:16am — 13 Comments

There are Others Like Me?!

I am Glad and Relieved that there are others out ther like Me. For a long time i literally thought i was the only one with MDD. I've had MDD since the age of six, but didnt know what was wrong with me nor knew what MDD was til the age of Twenty. Through that big gap of not knowing i went through deep depression, delt with low self-esteem, delt with a lot of anger within myself, was very insecure, and I withdrawed from Everyone. For years i thought i was Crazy, abnormal, and even mentally…


Added by Shayna Marie on January 5, 2012 at 10:56am — 16 Comments

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