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Attention Deficit Disorder and laziness

Hi there,

about 3 months ago somebody mentioned ADD to me, I read about it and discovered I had every trait associated with it except for one: often being too late at appointments. It still does happen to me that I forget about one, but it's rare. Here are the other traits:

-concentration problems

-motivation problems

-being dreamy or thinking a lot

-(therefore) being more passive

-trouble making choices

All these things are…


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The Superheroine sports fantasy

I have a fantasy (amongst others) about this beautiful, strong, succesful woman, largely representing my personality in her verbal behavior but much more lucky when it comes to genetic material...I call her Juno. So why is she female? And what does she mean to me? Reasons I can think of:

1. Wanting to be complete

So she is not male.  What psycho-analists call the anima, if you will?

2. Eye-candy

A simple…


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The Matrix and Labyrinth

I have to apologize for another long read beside my first blog post, especially towards people with short attention spans. But this may help. Initially this was intended as a personal response, but I think this could be important to more people here. What triggered it was Cordellia's remark to me about:

the difficulty of making friends.

Probably your fantasy world is much more attractive than the outside world. This keeps you from truly being interested.…


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Plato and me

My story, APOLOGIES for the long read I'm putting you through!

my name is Floris, 35 now, male and I'm from the Netherlands, a small country with plenty of rainy days but also sunny ones where feelings of guilt are placed on pale people not  going outside because the summers don't always last very long. I have spent a large part of my life inside my mind and have found a rich life there, but also experienced pain for the lack of a life outside of that mind.…


Added by Floris on January 29, 2013 at 4:00pm — 6 Comments

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