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Karla Pequenino Doesn't Need Any More Interviews!

So everyone got that email asking if they were interested in being interviewed about MDD by a girl named Karla who was writing about the affects of how forums like Wild Minds has helped people with MDD for college well she is all good! She has enough information that she needs for her dissertation so well done everyone! 

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Bedtime Daydreams

 Does anybody else do this? I daydream SO much before I go to bed, its literally insane! I toss and turn in my bed but my mind is somewhere else, I can't go to sleep! I try to shut my eyes and just forget about it but you know that rush of excitement you get from daydreaming that just shakes your nerves? My head is somewhere else while all I want is to be in bed! I stay up late just tossing and turning, daydreaming my sleep away!

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I hate being with kids my age. I feel so different from them. Whenever there are group projects, I get upset because I rather be alone. I don’t want to hang out with my friends because its honestly boring. There is nothing wrong with them, its me. I think. But honestly, I have a best friend, he just doesn’t exist to normal people. In fact, I do have a group of friends, they just don’t exist to normal people. I also have a family, I love them very much and we have some crazy…


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