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I finally talked to my mother.

I didn't tell her about my MD. I just told her about my occasional bouts of anxiety and depression. I was saying it in a bit of a joking manner because I figured she wouldn't take me seriously if I asked to be put on Prozac or something. But after I told her, she told me that depression runs in my family and [in a non-sadist manner] I was excited. For two reasons;…


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It's been a while since I've been on here, but something was bothering me today, so I came back. :]

Is it bad that I don't want to do anything to get rid of my daydreaming? I mean, yes, it does cause problems for me [like not focusing, procrastination] but I feel that it keeps me sane and if I lose it, I'll lose my mind as well. Do any of you actually want to get rid of your daydreaming or do you feel incomplete without it?

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Alleviation [Thank God]

When I found out that there were other people going through what I'm going through; I was extremely excited. I'm not alone anymore and it's such a relief.


I'm currently on winter break for school and I've noticed I've been spending most of it just sitting around dreaming and wasting time. I love to dream and I try and do it…


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