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Hi, I'm a 17-year-old girl, and I've been daydreaming for as long as I can remember. My daydreams have changed throughout the years. I have side daydream plots featuring me depending on what's going on in my life usually revolving around whatever current situation I'm in, whereas my Main daydreams rarely to never feature me in them.

The first daydream I can remember centred around this kid (12-14 yrs-old) named Josh who was super athletic and could swing from high-rises and who could talk to animals. He often had a broken arm or leg or both, yet despite all of this, he was still able to do all this amazing stunt stuff. He had a whole army of animals who were always there for him. At the time when I had this daydream I really wanted to be a veterinarian and really loved animals. I also really wanted a cast for some reason.

The next daydream I remember lasted a bit longer and was a bit more complex, I think this is mostly due to the fact that I can actually remember more of it. It was these two twin siblings and I believe I made them British. *Note: I'm not British. Anyways, they were ~11-12 yrs-old and were basically young movie/pop-stars and they would often win awards. For example, the boy (his name was Xavier) had been the youngest person to ever win Best Actor at the Oscars and his role was something to do with human-trafficking (he was a victim). His twin, Elena, was a really good actress and she won awards as well. Together, they were like a power duo and as they grew up I sort of changed their story. Eventually, I made it so that their parents had died.

Here's how it goes: They were all driving home one night and they [Elena and Xavier] were in the backseat in their booster seats (they were ~4 yrs-old) and it was dark. Suddenly, their car was stopped by some guys in hoodies and masks, with guns. Their parents were panicking and Elena and Xavier were in the backseat watching. Their mother was taken outside of the car and I can't remember if she was raped or not. I know that she eventually died. Their dad was shot in the driver's seat. During the whole ordeal Elena was screaming and crying but Xavier was petrified and kind-of froze and he saw the whole thing but didn't make a peep. Eventually, the cops were called and they were taken care of. Their parents had been involved in some illicit dealings and this was the outcome. Anyways, they were traumatised and they ended up living with an aunt and uncle and then I made it so that Elena had a best friend who lived with her, her name was something cool (they were ~13 by this point).

Eventually. I added another twin, so now they were triplets and his name was Charlie. In this revised version he was separated at birth from them and raised in a not-so-good environment. He was crazy. I made it so that he was much more sinister than the others and he seemed to get a real kick out of scaring them [his twins] and bringing them pain. He had this weird power thingy. Basically, he could see in the dark and he was also really fast, so to torment his siblings he would turn off the lights and then in their state of panic he would hurt them somehow (punching, scratching, stabbing...etc) and then turn on the lights and look upon them as they cry and eventually walk away. 

As for that friend I mentioned, I can't remember her name but I remember she was half-Cuban, half-Greek and she was living with Elena because she had been sexually abused by her step-dad and step-brother. She eventually got pregnant but I think I made her have a miscarriage. She ended up in a relationship with Xavier and eventually, she faded out. 

The last change I can remember making is that I made it so that their (Xavier, Elena and Charlie) parents didn't actually die and that their aunt and uncle had taken them in after their parents left them. In this revised version, they're all ~14-15 yrs-old and their parents had divorced. In some versions I made so that either mom/dad faked their death and they had to get away from something/someone (usually illegal), in others I made it so that they had simply divorced and for whatever reason couldn't/wouldn't stay so they simply left and started new families. Anyways, they end up coming back in a big dramatic hoorah and the triplets are usually very sad to find out that their parents left them to start new families. They don't ever reconcile and that's what I remember. 

That is all I remember of my previous daydreams condensed, and I  have to say, they're quite bland and I do prefer my newer daydreams. 

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