There is anyone want to speak with me , I am now in new countary , it is really hard to find friends , since I was child , I have maladaptive daydreaming , now I have no friends and my situation is getting worse everyday , I can speak Arabic , german, englich ...

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Sorry to hear about your loneliness. I am not online much, mostly I am in my head daydreaming. But I just wanted to say hello. What country are you from? You write well for a non-native! 

Hallo Egypt I am happy to speak with you
Hi! I also suffer from something like this, I find difficult to make real and profound relationships. Having superficial friends? No problems! Making a real connection is really difficult because I rather be in my head, however I'm trying to change that. Perhaps we could be friends?

hi im korie lets talk i have no friends too

Hey I'm from France I would like to be your friend too

Hi:) I'm always here to talk. I'd be happy to be friends.


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