I spent most of my time in my home itself. I try to avoid people as much as i can. I know it is because of my fear and daydreaming problem.But everyone in the society thinks i have a big ego.

Do u people face the same situation

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I spend a lot of time in my home doing nothing except daydreaming. I have social phobia so I completely understand you. Maybe people think that you have a big ego because it's the only way you have to "protect" yourself. 

In my case, I always avoid people because I'm afraid of arguments. And most of the time people don't understand that, they think that I'm distant.

You are absolutely not alone : )

what kind of occupation due you think suits people like us. I'm in my final year engineering and i dont feel engineering suits me.i find it really difficult to concentrate in reading . My general knowledge is very weak.I have no idea what to do in future.

                                                                      I never told anyone i had this problem.Do you think i should tell someone.


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