Hello there!

So, I am a MD, I have been a MD for so long, longer than I can remember, at one point I decided to google my symptoms and found out that I am a MD.

I was disappointed, I thought something is wrong with me, I am not normal, and it bothered me so much.

It took me such a long time and extensive reading about Maladaptive daydreaming, to finally accept that I am different, and it was my way to cope with stress, to live a luxurious imaginary life I cannot afford in real life, to satisfy my needs.

I read an article about changing bad habits and that the latest what science discovered is that instead of fighting the bad habit, create a good alternative habit and implement it. This piece of information helped me a lot, so instead of focusing on not to daydream, and fighting daydreaming, I started to focus to be connected to reality and present moment (e.g: meditation).

I was not consistent with this, I was supposed to continue with this for 21 days. It is scientifically proven that humans’ brains need 21 days of consistently leaving your comfort zone and implementing the good habit, to finally really establish the good habit. You will no longer need to leave your comfort zone at the end of 21 days.

I tried the 21-day challenge and relapsed twice, I thought about different thing that I am willing to share with you people today. I watched video on you tube and decided to use the most powerful thing we humans have, the unconscious mind, to convince myself that I strong, I can live without daydreaming.

I am going to record myself saying things like: I am connected to reality more than ever, I live in the moment, I am aware and mindful of the present moment…. etc. and put the audio on repeat when I go to bed until I wake up again next morning the audio will still be playing. The idea of the whole thing is that when we go to sleep our conscious mind shuts down and our unconscious mind dominates the most, and this is the perfect time to make it listen to some talk that would help people get rid of something or develop a good habit.

But if you want to try this, you better avoid things like: I will NOT daydream, because your unconscious mind does not comprehend things like (no, not), so if you said I will not daydream, your unconscious mind will translate it to this: I will daydream.

Let me know what do you think below, I would love to read what you people think.


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Hey there! Please let me know how it goes
Guess what?
I found positive affirmations for day dreaming.
Check it out on youtube
Imma convert it to mp3 and listen to it all night
I am so so excited


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