Hello! I just want to share a strategy for controlling daydreams that I've adapted from a NLP phobia cure. It is also used for the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions, so why wouldn't help for MD? The best time to try is in bed, just after waking up or before falling to sleep, but you can do it anytime. Pick a reccurent or particullary anoying daydream, and imagine yourself stepping out of it. Imagine you are watching your daydream on a TV. Then, dry the colour out of the image and play with it: put a moustache on a character's face, make your alter-ego sneeze, play it backward and forward etc. You can do want you want with the image as long as you want, then imagine yourself turning off the TV or walking away from it. You can do this with every daydream that you want to get rid off. If this form of the technique doesn't work for you, try to adapt it or see the original NLP technique and modify it as you want. You can search on the internet for other versions of this strategy, or read the books of Bandler and Grinder. Good luck!

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Thanks for sharing that advice with us


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