I've noticed that I used to focus very strongly on the romantic relationship that developed between my main character, Alex, and another character, Carly. I loved replaying their flirtations, suggestive behavior, and the events that led up to them finally being together. The plot also involved Carly being married to Alex's brother, Jordan, at one point, a marriage that disintegrated and had Carly running to Alex for emotional (and eventually physical) support. This plot focused on their relationship and the feelings that were wrapped in with it--not being able to be together at first, the tension between them as they both felt something they couldn't act on, the emotional struggle when they engaged in their affair finally, and the aftermath that followed.

However, over the past several months, I've noticed that I've shifted to focusing on how Alex's actions affect his family, when he leaves for Italy for a few years, basically cutting everyone out. There's the conflict surrounding the pain he caused his own brother and best friend; the emotional drama that comes when Alex reveals that he couldn't bear returning to the same life he had before, because Jordan was no longer in it; and finally, the drama when he reveals that he was actually in love with Carly.

So how about you? Recent themes, subjects, or plots that may or may not be different from past ones?

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Wow. That sounds so dramatic and exciting.  I would love to hear more about them! Well, mine are always of me. I don't have characters separate from myself as I am always my main character (way cooler, sexier and wittier me of course!) I find I do often place myself in really romantic yet tense situation. Lately I have been having several DD's about being in a relationship but other being jealous and wanting to tear us apart and we have to fight against everybody else to stay together. I have a dream of just vagabonding all over the country with me and my SO and all of our other misfit friends and we really become like our own tribe and in our world, we are all the normal ones and the mainstreamers are weird. It's great. :-)

That's awesome, Shelly! I would love to be part of my own little civilization. I can see the attraction there. Society's castoffs become the majority, and everyone else is looked down on. We grow up learning such a specific set of social rules and norms, many of which I can't even properly define or recall until I'm in a given situation. Worse than that, the cultural voice of the people can often be ignorant, oppressive, or just downright wrong. It makes you feel like a pariah. I've learned to value my place in the world, even if it's a small voice. There are always going to be some people that agree with you, hah. I can blend into the every day crowd, but most of the time, I don't think I do. And I'm alright with that. :)

It's still fun to dream about this alternate reality/fantasy world where we get to rule society as the freaks, instead of being the underbelly of civilization. Oh how much that would impact the entire fabric of our existence.

I seldom daydream. When I do it's mostly about constructions; houses, systems and beauty in manmade shapes. I do however analyze just about everything involuntarily which is another story. I think I would be excellent at the mind palace techniques and hmmm... I believe that many of us on here have a fascinating way of storing information. 

I've heard of the mind palace technique and attempt it, in quite an amateur fashion, when I want to remember something simple like the name of a song I liked on the radio. It's interesting that you don't daydream often, but it seems you spend a lot of time thinking about shapes and constructions/architecture. 

I never had , nor have I tried to control my daydreams. I'm either sharply focused, or off in a day dream. There is no rhyme or reason as to which of the many thoughts that go through my head , I wind up daydreaming about.  They are random. I can have a daydream when someone is having a conversation with me, and not hear a word they are saying. I guess I've been this way since grade school.  


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