I often have this daydream scenario where I play a song in my head, and imagine a suitable

theme to it. Usually, I play Tool's No Quarter, and the video I imagine is pretty much depressing, violent, and morbid. Each time I replay it in my head, I only change little details to perfect it, but

the main theme never changes. Anyone else.. ?

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Yes. I call them "music video daydreams". They're usually positive, though (but not always).

 @Sammy Nusair I do this all the time. Music has been a way for me to cope since I was a toddler. It took no time at all for me to start creating music videos in my head to certain songs. Then of course I daydream up full dance numbers to certain beats. Mine can range from solemn, happy, inspirational, angry, etc, but I love  daydreaming up music videos because every time I have those  its an expression of how I am feeling. They always play off of my emotions. I do have songs, beats that stay the same like my other daydreams, I keep these music videos with me to play them out when ever I need to. Sometimes the music can change a bit, but i know what you mean when you say the main theme never changes this is so true. I don't know if anybody else is like this. but every time I hear music/beat I see dancing, videos, acting, or emotions?? I listen to music every single day different genres and languages so they spark a visual every time, even music that I am hearing for the first time. Really I can't stop myself, that is why I can not listen to music in public, at least not for long, because I will start to act out physically whatever visual the music/beat is giving me. I am a writer and at times I take the visuals I see from music and develop lyrics, and songs from them.

Impressive, I can relate to that :o 

 Thanks, that is comforting to know, I am glad that someone else can relate to this :) I am sure your music video daydreams are quite impressive as well. @Sammy Nusair do you still have these music video daydreams? How often do you have them?


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