Im curious what you guys usually listen to. I personally can't dream to anything that doesn't have either a great melody or lyrics that fit what my character is feeling at that scene. 

Rap music and country don't work for me at all. First has no beat to go to and the second is too slow. 


Movie, tv, anime and videogame soundtracks work really well for me. So does dance or rock music. Sometimes piano music is really good too.  


What do you guys listen to? Any particular artists? 

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Anime and videogame music (such as character themes) also work very well for me. I like folk rock, alternate rock, classical (I prefer solely the piano, but I like the violin too). Pretty much anything by Bjork or The Cranberries is (are?) like a portal straight into a daydre

The music I listen to depends on the type of daydream, which is why I have a massive variety of songs on my iPod. Sad songs for sad daydreams, happy songs for happy daydreams, party songs for celebratory daydreams, summery songs for daydreams in the summer, rock music for powerful and emotional daydreams, love songs for romantic daydreams, songs from different countries for when my character goes abroad...I have music for practially every scenario! One of my favourite daydreaming songs though is Layla by Eric Clapton for one reason- about halfway through the song it dramatically changes from upbeat guitar music to sad piano music. Great for a dramatic moment in a daydream.

Funny, I just made a whole blog post on the kind of daydreams I have for certain songs. :) check it out if you want :)
Music right now for me.....I have CDs instead of MP3s and Ipods. So right now the curent songs that I play over and over are:
Evanescence: Imaginary
Selena Gomez: Rock God ( Best daydreaming song EVER! You should totally check it out)
Selena Gomez : off the chian
Those are my curent replay songs, this is a list of artists music in catagory of my daydreams
Ke$ha: action, drama, negitive daydream, fun rocking out daydreams!
Selena Gomez: Love stories, action
Demo Lovato: Rockin out! , negitive
Taylor Swift: I pretend 2 of my charecters wrote the songs and sing them
Evanescence: daydreams about one of my charecters rising out of the grave as a corpse (based on corpse bride) to be with his brother :) , negative
Lady Gaga: Rockin out!, action
Aly and Aj: Rockin out, drama
Those are my fav artists :) I have all of Ke$ha's, selena gomez's, aly and ajs, and taylor swifts CDs so I have a lot of music :)

Hmm well video games,anime and videogame sound tracks work great for me. Country and electronic don't work at all. Rap and or hiphop works sometimes depending on the lyrics and meaning, so rarely. It mainly depends on the daydream. Classical music works sometimes too. Mainly pop and rock songs work for my dds. Hmm I don't necessarily have a specif  artist,but I tend to listen to a lot of Glee when dding sometimes.

Me, I love many different genres, deppending on the DD, or mood. I love weird indie songs the most though, anything unique usually works, too. Something that gets my mind going, with a clear mood being shown, and deep, thoughtful lyrics.

I also have scenerios playing in my head while I listen to a certian song. For example one song that I've been listening to recently is payphone by marron 5 and that makes me day dream of the idealized version of myself having a steaming affair with my idealized guy. Basically we have an passionate love affair to the point where we almost don't have it in us to live with out each other, then something happens and we break up and years later we meet again when he tries to win me back. Usually all my day dreams depend on what song I'm listening to. One song called bad girl by m.i.a makes me dd about me performing up on stage doing stunts like her on cars, and shirtless guys holding me up when I need to be held up and the rest of the audience in shock.

"Requiem For A Tower" provides some interesting daydreams...such a powerful tune!

I find theme music allows me to dream more intensely but I can be 'whisked away' by anything once I start rocking!

The songs I mainly DD to are songs by Evanescence, Within Temptation and Nightwish. These songs all have great melodies and lyrics that my characters can relate to. That is what is important to my music, it has to be relatable to the characters. Sometimes, I even find a great song that I want to DD to and I make up a DD to go along with the song. Like Even in Death by Evanescence, when one character has the love of her life die and she is mourning him but knowing that they will always be in love. Stuff like that.

EVERYTHING makes me DD. Jazz, classical, electronic, rap, rock, you name it. If it doesn't make sense with, "my world", then I will imagine a new way to involve myself with that song.

For example, if I listen to electronic music, I will DD about being in a break dancing group. Classical? I conduct the band. Jazz? I'm jamming on the saxophone. Rap? I'm dancing at a club.

Music is such a terrible trigger for me I've learned that when I'm trying not to daydream I simply can't listen to it. I have to listen to news radio, or just have music to create an ambiance as I work and focus on something else. It's too bad because I love music, but I can't decide if I love it because of the DD, or I just love it. It's doesn't help that I played the saxophone for years, so I understand it so well.

any type of song helps me to daydream. I actually made a lot of playlists with the soundtrack of my daydream world. there's about 243 songs to this specific world. for the other world, it's even more, it's way more ample.

Norah Jones, Ghostland Observatory, the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, those are some examples.  Pretty much just the songs that I really like, And I agree with someone who made a comment on the wall before, that rap and country aren't triggers for me.

And hey what's up I play the violin too. Or rather, played.


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