I can't believe that there's a Youtube video embedder and a thread like this hasn't been made yet! I've never seen one of these threads fail, and this seems like the perfect place for it.

Sooo... what are you dreaming to right now? I'll start us off!~

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Sounds fun lol. If you're willing to take the time you should post a video! Here's how to do it, it's pretty simple.


On the Youtube page, go next to where it says "About" above all the normal info and click "Share" next to it. Another row of tabs should show up right before, and it defaults to "Share this video". Click on "Embed" and copy the text that shows up, which I have highlighted in this picture.


After you have that text, come to where you're going to post and click the little reel icon, the one with a blue center circled in this picture. That's the video embed button.


When this box pops up, paste the text from the Youtube embed in there. Hit okay and post and you're good to go!

And that's it!

No problem, I'm glad I could help! That's a nice song, too. ^_^

This song is already overplayed today as it is but it is giving me some nice romantic fantasies, so I'll allow it. :3

Though just to hit something that I haven't been hearing on the radio everyday lately, I'm switching to this next~

I created a daydreaming playlist on Youtube! These are songs I use just as background for any scene, like when conversations are taking place. Especially helpful if the scene is more tense or emotional. This one only has about 10 so far, including Justin Timberlake "TKO", a few Boyce Avenue covers, Fall Out Boy "Just One Yesterday", the James Arthur cover of "Wrecking Ball", "Hey There Delilah", Christina Aguilera "Impossible", and the PTX cover of "Radioactive"

Unfortunately, I don't know how to get an embedding code for a YouTube video on my tablet, so I will just type the name of the song and the artist.

Song: Smother

Artist: Daughter

This morning I was so out of it that I felt as though I was a mindless zombie putting away items at my job. I ended up listening to my iPod and daydreaming practically the whole time. I listened to slow songs by some artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nora Jones, Sia, and Lana Del Rey.


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