I was wondering if some of you guys can share some of your personal daydreams; the ones you feel comfortable sharing and songs that trigger those day dreams.

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When I listen to Norah Jones, I DD that I'm performing them in a low key lounge or something, and I'm playing more for myself than for the audience. It's like, they just happen to be there, and I don't take requests unless I feel like it. Sometimes someone from the crowd will ask to sing with me, and we harmonize. 

When I listen to "Say you're mine" by Kate Voegele I daydream that I am with my dream guy but we are just friends and I'm in love with him and we're laughing a lot and talking and connecting really well.

When I listen to Enough for Always, also by KV I am making up a music video for it and it shows clips of me and my dream guy in all these cute and romantic moments

when I listen to amor gitano by alejandro ft Beyonce,I imagine myself dancing flamingo with my female friends in a party that we hold in my house.When I listen to besame by camila I DD myself having someone I love,sometimes swaying with him according to the rhythm. when I listen to Je suis en vie by gregory lemarchal I DD myself singing this song to my friends.

The only one I can give a specific linked memory to is Say It Ain't So by Weezer and this was so long ago but the song was playing in my playlist when a character got shot a looong time ago. It's strange because even though it's a "daydream", when I hear that song, I get emotional! Most songs though help contribute to the tone of the daydream though, which is an ongoing storyline for me. As in, what happened yesterday in it happened yesterday, and if I go back in today, it will carry on from what happened last. Not down to the tea, but for example say everyone found out this dude in the house cheating on his girlfriend yesterday, if I go back in today, then the house will be awkward and weird because we just learned this dude was cheating on his gf and we don't like him right now.

I listen to Sleeping at Last or Grace Vanderwaal a lot when I daydream, and because the songs are so different the dreams I have tend to vary, sometimes I’m at a funeral for my best friend or I’m singing for people and the guy I like is falling for me.

Romantic songs will trigger daydreams of me having a lover in my life, when in reality, I've had zero relationships. Also tough songs like rap or rock will make me feel like the tough guy I'm not, and the daydreams will follow that emotion of toughness, like me fighting back bullies etc. Right now, a very particular example would be, for me, this song called M.O.B by Pakistani singer Imran Khan, very drill and tough flex type song, triggers a particular daydream where I drive a Kia Stinger GT and my friend is taking this video of me driving on my way to college and this song plays in the speaker and it makes me feel cool.


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