Ive made up this whole charcter with powers like telekensis, telepathy and mind control. it was hugely inspired by DC comics when I was a kid and as I grew older I modified the charcter. the charcter has a dark past and tries to do good but sometimes strays from that path.

anyway Im glad i found this group seems like heroism is a common theme when it comes to md

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Hey sorry you posted this 10 days ago and I didn't respond I've been busy past few months oops.

My character (and whole world now) was inspired mostly from the Marvel universe, as I got older I shifted into DC.  I decided a few months ago to break completely off from all of that and just make it completely my own, but roots are still there I guess. My character is also pretty similar when it comes to the whole “tragic past but tries to be good” thing. He’s changed a lot though over the years and is still being modified endlessly, along with all the side characters. My main character doesn't have any “superpowers” (but who knows that could change) but most of the other characters I have created do.

But yeah its nice to see other people with similar stories and experiences when it comes to characters and how the daydreams come to be in the first place.

(sorry don't know what this reply was trying to say but just trying to share I guess. My writing skills aren't exactly perfect either lol)


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