I was just wondering if anyone does or has tried roleplaying as a sort of outlet for their daydreams. When I was 12 until now, I have been roleplaying online from chats, IMs, forums and etc since it provided a way for me to--in a way--to export my characters into reality (and with another person enjoying and contributing to my character's development). Just wondering if anyone else tried it before.

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I haven't. But my son who I think may have MD also, used to be completely immersed in world of warcraft RPG.

I used to roleplay a lot when I was in elementary school. I would imagine I was a princess of some fake country and used a comforter to dress like one. I would dance around and take on other roles as well. I do this when I was alone but when my family members walk in on me, I get so embarrassed that I stop. Then, I resume after they're gone. I stopped doing this when I reached middle school.

Sort of... I love online RPGs, and often create backgrounds for the characters. I also love dressing up for the carnival. I'd like to do some real roleplay, but never had friends who were into it (also my hair make it nearly impossible to find a lookalike character or wear a wig! Oh, the sorrow!).

My sister and I still roleplay. It's like we never really grew up.

i RP!

YES! ALL of the yes's. I actually rp a LOT. But I also think rping can be a little more productive then just daydreaming or thinking about your characters, because you are also working on your grammer, vocabulary, and keyboard skills.

Rping is just like freeing my imagination, and allows me to collaborate with others as well. But you have to be careful where you pick to rp at, otherwise you might get alot of weird requests :P

I also started RPing at the age of 12, but sadly, I stopped when college came around. Now it's been 4-5 years since I've RPed last. A few months ago, I tried to get people here interested in RPing our characters, but not many were up to it. They were very protective of their characters, which I understand. However, I'd love to RP my characters with someone, even if it's just for a few minutes!

Would anyone have any suggestions on where to find an RP partner? I happened to have friends who were interested back then, and most of them were anime...but I wouldn't know where to start nowadays. My main daydreams are no longer anime-related. xD


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