Hello everyone :)
When i was around 9 to 12, i loved and enjoyed writing stories. I would write fantasy-themed stories involving my friends, and as long as i can remember, they were great. (Though the language was not so complex, i was a kid) Once, i actually wrote a whole book with one chapter by each page! (I wrote them using my left hand to practice my left hand writing, and the result is good). Unfortunately, for the ones i wrote electronically on microsoft word, they're all gone ( old PC wiped clean)

I haven't been writing stories for years, the last time was a short story i wrote for teacher's day competition when i was 14 (i got 3rd place!)

I really wish to write again... as someone with MDD, i have so many ideas and imagination that yearns to be told.
I just don't know how to start, i hope all the amazing Wild Minds writers can give me some advice on how to start.

p/s : same thing about drawing. I used to doodle all my ideas, but now my mind just goes blank when i hold up the pencil

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Just start, it's all you have to do realy.

If you want to write good you just have to write a lot. It is like practise and you will get more experience the more you write :)

My advice would also be to get back into writing first, by writing idk what. And only then, after some time whene you're back in the game, start writing that one story that you realy wanted to write. Because otherwise you might look back on it afterwards and see that you don't like your writing from whene you just started, and you might abandon the story. Start as quick as possible, but take some time to start serously so the awesomeness of the story fits the awesomeness of your writing skills ;)

Of course you don't actually have to bother about writing good. Just starting to write whatever you want at whatever pace you want is realy fun, and if you only want to share it with some friends or close relatives, than just go ahead and write that one awesome story ;)

Thank you for your advice :D I will try to start writing from now.

one of the reasons for me joining this community , besides MDD, is to hopefully start writing blog posts.

I tried blogging before, but i guess i didn't have the guts to open up even in the virtual world. In real life, I'm kinda shy and awkward. Speaking up was hard for me, writing was a better way to express myself.

Again, thank you for your advice, all of you


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