Would you want to live life without any daydreams at all if you could?

I think that most of us can agree that the daydreaming is a huge source of frustration but also a significant coping mechanism for everyday life.  There are some things about this disorder that make day to day tasks very difficult and truly interfere with my life.  At the same time, being able to escape into my own little world has helped me through many difficult moments in my life.

Since so little is known about the disorder so far I think we are a long way from finding a drug meant to target our unique problem. However, hypothetically, if there was some sort of a cure all drug...would you take it?  Like if it was possible to take a pill and wake up the next day without this daydreaming ability/curse would you be willing to try it? Personally, I would be afraid to. I have been MDing since around the age of 8.  I'm 21 now. I would have absolutely no idea what it would be like to perceive the world without this safety net.

Any thoughts?

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I understand what you mean. You need to take off the safety slowly and gradually, re-discovering the world at the same time. It is natural to have no idea yet. I don't think it would be possible to function in the real world, if MD was suddenly-and completely-taken away. 

Therefore I would say no to any magic pills. I'd prefer to fight it in my own pace.

I would say a complete NO to MD, I would live without any of it. But no DDs at all...that's a little edgy, I enjoy freeing my imagination at certain moments. 

Yes, I absolutely would take the magic pill.  I started DDs when I was probably 3 or 4 and started fighting back in my forties.  At 63 I am tired of losing the battles.

Well to stop MD I would try just about anything, but not to stop all daydreams, no.  you need to be able to daydream for a healthy mind. But MD is not a healthy mind. It's like, we need rain, but if it doesn't stop we get flooding and that can be very harmful. When we are flooded with DDs we have trouble functioning. So I would try anything, just about, to reduce the DDs back to a normal level  

I agree with greyartist. I wouldn't take magic pills to stop MD, although I would like to reduce it to 15-30 mins a day. That way it wouldn't be too much or too little. ^__^

I think I would like to take a pill and find out what it would be like to not MD for at least a week. But frankly, I would be afraid of having a panic attack! I think it is a strong possibility.

I'm making progress in dealing with MD so I would hold off on the magic pill.

But if the MD starts getting worse despite my efforts, I will be tempted to take the pill temporarily to see what it's like. I want to see what the side effects are before I commit to it long-term.

I have been there CreativeWriter.  It is an anxiety spike, in my way of looking at these things.  A good indication of how much power our DDs have.

I would take the 'magic pill'. Because it is interfering with my life and work right now.

I can stop myself from feeling anxiety/pain/any unpleasant emotion by dd-ing. That may have been good in the beginning, but now I find it makes me non-productive. However in spite of realizing this, I haven't done anything to help myself. Because it would require effort, patience and time. If there was a pill that could magically make it disappear without any efforts on my part, I would jump at it. In my opinion, any medicine to help this condition would only be an aid, and not the end in itself.

Then you have to change your own life by starting a new day....

Always remember ''Last day of Maladaptive Daydreaming is first day to start success''


O my.... Life is so GOOD without it! It's incredible to see what I have been missing out on for all these years.

(My MD is pretty much completely gone.)


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