would you ever put your real face as your profile pic?

one thing i know about cordellia is that the girl has some serious balls!! why? cause as at the moment theres NO WAY i have the courage to put my real face on here for fear of being recognised and people thinking im mad... anyone else feel the same? Just wanna use this forum as a big 'thank you' to cordellia the founder of this group for creating this group that had liberated me from years of self loathing because i thought i was the only one with the condition... we're like the x-men arent we... lol


PS: A million thanks to cordellia for setting up this site because my life has been so much better since i realised i was not alone... thank you from the bottom of my heart.


take care and speak soon love sky xx

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meh, it's just the internet. Plus. I dunno, I don't think it's a huge deal, people knowing I daydream lots.
I think it is fine to put my real face here as a profile pic. We all have MD so there is no harm in being open about ourselves to each other here and if others(not members here) see me here then again there is nothing to be ashamed of since there are lots of other people with the same problem. So,they would accept this as a problem.
I don't want to - I'm not saying it's wrong, I just don't want to at the moment. Too many internet safety lectures lol

It sounds scary, but the fact is we're probably judging ourselves more than people would judge us if they knew.  The only irritating thing about people knowing is that they typically don't understand and act like it's nothing.  When they do that I politely remind them that they're really not in a position to know more than me about this.  I also remind them that if a real doc believes in this, then they're REALLY not in a position to say otherwise.  Madness is an illusion.  We're all mad to a degree.  


And thanks for the wonderful kind words!  I'm glad this site is helping.  That's the goal.  :)  We're all here for you.  

I'm always shy at first, whatever forum I join. I prefer to use anime pictures though. :D
this is the real me xD
I don't think I've ever used my real face as a pic on any forum. I've just never found a good enough pic.(Low self esteem on the looks front, I blame TV) If I did, I would hope that anyone who recognized me, would be mature and understanding about it. Everyone has stuff that makes them different. 
I have my real picture and some in picture album on this site :) Although for profile I can't find a good picture of just face, I either look so-o-o serious or have eyes closed on all of them.
this is my real face. but the colors and stuff have been changed so i guess it doesnt count. all those are me. also edited to a degree. but you'd still know it was me in real life lol

I do keep my "MD" rather private though my Mum knows. 

My MD (the way I 'express' it) is too obvious for people who live with me not to notice.My Dad hates whenever I mention it and tells me this isn't a real disorder. I sometimes think he has it too (some 'ticks' and mannerisms I noticed throughout the years), and for that reason thinks I'm exaggerating and turning it into something it isn't.

Not that I mention it too much, I just sometimes feel really frustrated with myself for my lack of concentration.


I don't really mind having my face here. Well, currently I have "hair "but it's because in my new PC I don't really have any better pictures. ^__~ Sometimes I'm scared everyone finds out (RL and internet friends), but in the end It's who I am and they'll just have to accept it or ignore it. Whatever suits them the best. 


AND, yes, I fully agree: Cordelia is amazing! (L)


P.S. Wow, I adore the x-men comparison. I suddenly feel a lot more awesome. ^__^



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