why do we get bored with the real world so easily?

Any theories?

Some suggest that daydreaming is the brain's normal way of thinking and that we're only supposed to focus when whe have to.

I wonder if we're just too quick at digesting real world stimuli. Like maybe we walk into a room, take a quick look around and think, "yep, I completely know where I am. Nothing interesting to discover." Of course, this could be because we're not looking hard enough, but I wonder if we get the gist of things faster than most people. Make sense?

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Good point.
But we don't even bother to discover, do we? We instantly shut away from reality and then blame it on the world being boring. But it's not the world we don't like, it's ourselves.

I agree with both your theory and with Anette's! I also think it has to do with instant emotional gratification (at least for me).

For instance: one of my idealized self's in my daydream is a famous rock musician (lol) and was just asked to write the soundtrack for a cult movie that came out a few years ago. It's so easy to dream about all these opportunities falling into my lap. In reality I don't have that many connections, and composing music and writing lyrics is a painful road with meager rewards that often leaves you sinking in the quicksand of doubt and worry.

Accomplishing things in the real world is painful and slow. Dreaming about them requires no effort, and offers complete, and instant reward.

I'd still take real success over imagined success any day. 

Tila I am totally there with ya. I dream about being an illustrator, but the real world requires me to put in a lot of work to make that happen. There's a lot of bad drawings and compsitions, and lots of heart ache in the process, I never understand artist who say that making art is fun. Don't they find it painful?

But in my daydreams, somehow I miraculously develope that same whimsical joy that other artists seem to have in spade. All the fun, none of the sorrow.
I do not know but I feel my daydreams started very innocent then I realized how better it was than my real life the that's how I started to be bored of this world

You guys make great points.


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