Why do I want so much to be my favorite anime character?

 Today I had a relapse when I decided to play Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 with my little brother on is PS2, and I picked to play my favorite character, Haku. I haven't played this game in years, or even watched the show. Back when I was obsessed with the series, he was my favorite character.

Now it has brought back up old feelings and I once again have the urge to daydream about being him and my personality has changed over the day to try and act like him. I have a strong urge to want to dive in the story and be his character, or to be like him in reality.


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What does he do or have that you might want or need?  Starting with: do you want to be male?  I did, when I was a child.  I wanted to be a famous scientist, and only men were allowed to be scientists.  My first obsessive daydreams took me back and forth between being a boy, so I could be a scientist in the real world I knew, and being a female scientist in an alternate reality.

Why? Because I think it's like meeting an old friend again. No one could just walk by someone who was so close to them, could they? These DD characters feel like such a big part of me; I'm guessing it's the same with you too right?

And on a less emotional note, I think a lot of us are OCD. In fact it won't surprise me if further studies finally determine MD is a compulsive disorder. If it is, it's wiring in the brain that is probably triggered by the same synapses as creativity. I think that's why so many of us are triggered by imaginative arts, like books and movies and music and anime (which is highly imaginative). Well that's my crack pot theory at least. :)

PS I had to respond to you because Kakashi has (or at least a very Kakashi-like ninja) plays a minor role in my DD's. I think Haku's story arc was one of the best too.

PSS I can't believe I can type so candidly about something I've kept secret so long; this website amazes me.

I just want to reiterate how happy I am I found this site.  I had no idea there were others!

My DDs too are based on novels, tv, movies, with a few of my own thrown in.  My favorite (probably my weirdest too) are anthropomorphic versions of the planets, their moons and the stars.  I love astronomy, and these came to me when I was about 12. They've been with me ever since (I'm 37).  Greek myth plays a part too.  

I am highly OCD as well.  Sometimes I do get obsessed with my characters, and other times, they are just kind of in the background.  The last really obsessive episode I had revolved around the movie The Dark Crystal, and it helped by actually writing a fan fiction about it.  The DD was so detailed that I knew I would lose the images in my head eventually if I didn't put them on paper.  

Jalashala: Holy mother of god ! Astronomy and Greek myths part a major role in my daydreams as well!

Wow, that's crazy, isn't it?  Tell me more about your DD's, particularly with how it relates to astronomy.  I want to know!!!  

All nine planets in mine are female, with pretty American names (Jeannie Jupiter, Cheryl Pluto, Lisa Mercury, Monica Mars, etc.)  Jeannie and Monica both play some wicked guitar, and are in well-known bands...  Io (moon of Jupiter) is really sassy and swears a lot.  She's got long yellow-orange hair, and has a bad attitude.  She also enjoys spicy food...


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