Which state do you live in? (both US and non-US members)


I guess this site compromises mostly of the US members, but there are members of other nationalities as well. You can also specify which "instate/region/country do you live in (like e.g. California, Tuscany, Scotland). If you don't want to go into any detail, you can just say which continent...

Btw-there was a discussion about future meetings some time ago and several members have already mentioned where they live, but not everyone did (including me) and there are no recent threads about this topic so I decided to create a new one.

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Ann Arbor, MI

Freiburg, Germany

North Ayrshire, Scotland


toronto, canada

I live in Virginia, USA,  born in North Carolina USA and I have lived in Georgia, USA

New York here

Sweden :)

Italy, Naples!

Baltimore, Maryland! Some of you guys here are practically my neighbors! New York City is really close to Baltimore.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tacoma, Washington!!!


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