So me and Emma Indigo were chatting and realized we're both middle children. How many other users are somewhere in the middle?

Just curious if DDing maybe starts for some of us because we're not getting as much attention as the other siblings or something. 

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I'm an only child. My MD started because I was lonely. I believe that if I wasn't an only child, my MD might never have happened because I wouldn't have been so lonely. Later on I actually ended up creating a bunch of imaginary siblings. I still have some of them.
I have an older sister (11 and a half years older) but I spent a lot of time with other children. I just preferred to be by myself. I don't think there's any correlation with middle children or only children or anything like that. I think it's just whatever's happening in the brain. (Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I am really tired.)
I am the oldest .My mother tells me that I was a quite baby.They would put me in my swing and i would stay quite for hours .I still rock myself till this day ,often while daydreaming .

i'm an only child. my situation is the same as the1andonlyabber's.

I am a middle child.  I have an older sister, a younger sister and a brother who is youngest of all.

Like The1andonlyAbber and Meghan I am an only child.

I too was very lonley and couldn't share my problems I had with my parents. This is why I never wanted to have an only child, I have three daughters now - I know they also have their problems, but I know that they can talk about everything with each other.

But I know too, that even with siblings and people around you, one can be isolated.


I'm one of the middles in my family. One older sibling and two younger siblings

In my family, I'm the youngest at 20. 

But, in a strange way of events, I was the most 'neglected.' Since my older brother (the middle) has a reading disorder he always got a lot of attention from my parents. I think MD really affects people who are lonely, or feel neglected. When I grew up, all I had was my imagination, video games, TV shows, and my action figures. So deeper stories with those things, really took a strong foothold in my mind. 

I have one younger sister and we might as well have been strangers. I still had a very lonely childhood all the same.

I'm the oldest with one younger sibling.

I was the youngest. I think my MD came about as a coping mechanism to help me escape and feel in control of my life. Like Graham, my older older sibling required a lot of attention, so maybe I was neglected a bit? 

I'm the youngest and I got the most sister is the one who didn't want anything to do with the family.


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