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Do you ever feel like one of your day dreams has run it's course and youre done with it even if you dont want to be? Like it just doesnt have that same exciting feeling and nothing new to add comes to you?

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Yes, it happens for me all the time. Although I daydream about the same people, my scenarios changes often. I can't daydream about the same scenario for too long. Eventually it will become boring for me, usually in about a week. It's like watching a really good movie, you will get bored of it after so many times of re-watching it. That said, I find that I can usually come back to whatever scenario I was daydreaming several weeks ago and it'll be exciting all over again.
I always feel like my dreams are sort of acts in a play because they're all related but sometimes I will exhaust a conversation between two characters before I'm ready for that to happen. Sometimes I can go back to it but I have some repetitive OCD tendencies so I have to start all over :(
I hope that makes sense

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