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I pace and move my arms while I daydream, so it's impossible to hide for me in a living situation. I'm very happy with my MD, it took a while for me to learn to get it under control but I now really love it. In the past I've told my boyfriends about my MD, and so far none of them have had a problem with it. I've recently begun a new relationship and we're moving much more quickly than anyone I've ever been with before. We're already talking about a future together, etc. I currently live alone and would normally wait until I was dating someone for 5-6 months or so before I told him, but at the pace this new relationship is moving I'm worried I'm being dishonest to him. At what point have any of you informed your SOs about your MD? Have you had any backlash from telling them too late or too early?

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It was years before I told my partner. If he caught me talking out aloud while daydreaming I would say I was talking in my sleep. LOL!  After we had really got to know each other and we had shared intimate private aspects of ourselves to each other, I felt comfortable to tell him. I told him about it and he was very understanding. He recently caught me in a MD situation and was able to snap me out of it. 

I think you should tell your partner when you feel ready to tell him. You could even just start off by saying, "sometimes I do weird things when I daydream." It doesn't have to be really detailed then a few years later, when you are living together. Then you can explain MD to him. 

I don't tell. married 22yrs


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