Just wondering, I know that mine started silently but I could guess that it was when I was about 8. It was probably because of how antisocial I was...

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When started around....6 or seven...maybe 8. I was pretty young though.

My mother told me i had a very big imagination around 3-4 then by 6 i had an imaginary friend. Me and my lil friend were so close my mother got scared by me she told me my friend had to leave because his mother was looking for him. I dont remember much but i think that her taking him away from me made me worst. I started having fits of rage because i became so bored and lonely.

I started daydreaming at 4 years old.

Mine started when I was 11.

Actually, now that I think about it I was probably daydreaming since I was 4. It became extremely severe when I was 8, though.
Mines start the end of eighth graDE
I started 'building' my day dream world when I was maybe 6? I made it up with my toys and random things I found. I guess I started day dreaming around then.

I think I started about 7 or 8. That's over 40 years of daydreaming!

I've been daydreaming for all my life, and I'm almost 34.  The big difference is that now I accept it as part of my life, so I don't get angry or feel guilty about it.  When you feel those negative emotions about it, they only make it worse.  

Atleast by the time I was 7

I started around 11 years.  About the time puberty hit and got worse from there.

I have always been a daydreamer. As long as I can remember. I remember being five or six years old and daydreaming in class, about my imaginary friend who was this tiny fairy girl. Her name was Laura, and I remember drawing a picture of her a few times. When I was a little bit older, I remember sitting in my room acting out talking (in my head) to the characters I daydreamed about.


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