For me it's music. I started intensely day dreaming when I got my first mp3 which my best 
Friend let me borrow when I was about 11. Then I got one for myself when I was 12 for Christmas. 
When I put on those headphones I was in my own world. Now I'm 15 turning 16 on Sunday and I got an iPod for 
Christmas .... I've downloaded a lot of songs and immediately I went into a different world when I put 
On those headphones. So I stopped listening to music all together.... I just listen to jazz and classical music
Basically anything that has no lyrics and doesn't make me want to dance.../ I don't LOVE 
Music but I use it to make me DD'sckme to life and I want to get rid of my DD.

Other stuff trigger my DD's such as interesting thIngs that happened to me or scenarios in books, but music is 
My main trigger... What about you? 

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For me it could be anything. Music, tv shows, movies, pictures, books, magazines, etc. Triggers are everywhere. Thankfully its not ANY music, books, movies, tv shows, etc. They have to be really good. Something about them that will catch my eyes or ears to trigger my MDD.

The songs I like, the movies I like, will trigger my daydreaming.

I agree.  Anything can, and I can't always predict what will.  Sometimes I'm just sitting there lost in 1 DD, and out of the blue I hear a refrain from a song that makes me sad, or catch a glimpse of a face that intrigues me, and I'm ambushed (in a delightful way of course.)

Music would definitely be my main trigger! But it
Can be from anything. Like
Movies,books,tv, or If a random idea pops
In my head I either write it down or daydream
About it immediately

Boredom triggers my daydreams. When I'm bored, and if I can, I daydream.

Hmm, almost everything. Music, tv shows, books, ect. In one way or another they make me dd is some way.


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