I have made a note of all the times that I daydream, and how I was doing or thinking about  beforehand. What should I do now?



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Well. One approach is mindfulness. You sit with that feeling of needing to MD, acknowledge it, and maybe just watch it and let it pass, if it wants to pass. Or maybe even if you've acknowledged it, greeted it, sat with it, it still doesn't want to pass, so you indulge. But then you've made MD conscious, and have made a choice, and that is a very big step forward. If you get into a habit of choosing what you do with your time, even if you feel like you need to choose MD, then you've taken a large step forward to living the life you want, the life you've chosen for yourself, in the face of all that is around you.

You could journal, and write down as you do (you take notes - or was that figuratively?), but maybe also write down why, and what your feelings were. MD is a lot about feelings. What feelings and events trigger it? What feelings are represented by MD? Is it insecurity - comfort? Isolation - camaraderie? Loneliness - romance? Or any of so many many more aspects.

I have found with time that under the veneer of characters and locations, often unexpected feelings lurked. The next step after that would be to incorporate these feelings in real life. It's a long journey, taken in little steps, or in a large leap, it matters not.

Thank you so much for the reply! I will try mindfulness first.


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