What's your favorite type of music to daydream to?

And what's your favorite song/artist to daydream to? My favorite form is melodic dubstep, and my favorite artist is probably SirensCeol :)

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I daydream to anything that comes on my playlists or 8tracks and it's like they morph to whatever is playing. Like a soft song would make me think of something kind of romantic, but then if a fast paced song came on it would switch to a lot of action. My favorite is darker alternative music idk how to explain it. For example I like "we must be killers" by mikky ekko or the artists daughter and carina round. :)

It depends on if Im manic or not.

I posted something similar in my blog with the same taste - I just checked out SirensCeol and they're pretty cool! Check out the album EOTO - Razed .. They have TONS of unique live sets - older stuff is way more chill and awesome, new stuff is more 'drop the bass-y'

Also check out the Groove Salad channel on SomaFM - plays chill beats 24/7

Romanian house club mix 2012 specially inna

I personally prefer musicals and rap. I like to play a game with myself to find a way to make the songs somehow match into a specific scenario somehow.

Songs by British artists, dated or modern, doesn't really matter........because my DD world is set in England, with Irish and Scottish characters too. So celtic music also takes me away.

But I mean yikes..... isn't this A LOT like asking the circle at AA what their favorite brand of whisky is? 

Some people don't want to get better, but I think it's better to talk about it rather than keep it in (like we do all day)

Exactly...we need to share as much info about MD as we can, there is still so much to be known. And being introverts (most of us I imagine), its good for us to share what's going on in our heads.

I can't imagine not trying to stop MD and live a real life, but you're right its not my place to tell others they are wrong...only to lead by example. :D

From the most epic Movie/Game Sountrack, to relentless Death Metal.


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