What kind of music do you listen to when you daydream

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Whenever I sit down to have a serious daydream, I always put on some calming music that goes well with nature scenery. And when the daydream gets actiony I switch to punk and metal. Kinda like a soundtrack for my fantasies

Those are nice. I usually have The Beatles playing when I daydream. Their music keeps me calm and it relaxes me.(: 

I don't, really....I usually am in bed, almost exclusively....on occasion I will daydream if I'm exercising, or walking the dog....but, that's not too common.

Now if I am exercising, I''m listening to uptempo dance music or hip-hop. That's done on purpose...

Music isn't a trigger for me, But it can affect my daydreams, I love rap.


The music I use varies but like Altruist said it isn't really a trigger for me, it is more of a setting the scene type thing. Like, I already have the dream set in my mind and then when I start the dream I will play the music to that scenes taking place, like a movie soundtrack. I have the remote in hand or near by and change the songs accordingly


Also, as lame as this sounds I often use songs from movie soundtracks for ambiance. 

I don't understand how you can listen to music while daydreaming a situation or fantasy, when i listen to music and daydream i cant close my eyes and imagine this i have to have them open its like i forget everything around me and i can imagine myself as the one singing the song like im in a music video lmao its funny but so serious its a bad habit and causes so much anxiety. Like on the way to school in the car ill be driving by myself and listening to music and daydream the entire time to school like when i arrive i think to myself i cant even believe i made it to my designation daydreaming cause i get lost in my mind to the point were everything im dreaming of is right in front of my eyes. I also can listen to a song (lets say a rap song but i dont like rap im more of a country and punk rock kinda guy) i hear the beat and it will remind me of a color, like the song rainbow colorz by three 6 the beat reminds me of grey and green. And used to be able to hear a song and see the beat like the drums and snares i could imagine them coming from the speakers..... yep Lol.


heres the link to that rainbow colors song and tell me what color it reminds you of idk but dont look it up if you dont like explict music. cause it has a good amount of cursing.


Whatever fits the plot of the story or a particular scene.
They mention a few colors but i don't think of any particular color when i listen to music. A lot of times i play a movie or music video in my head while listening to music. Scenes in my head are related to the music.
Love the violin

Riley said:

I can listen to pretty much any music really. I have some random songs that I will play and if there is one on there that will fit really well with my DD, I will sometimes switch to it, sometimes I will change my DD slightly so it fits with the music lol!


Edited because even though I have had English today, I still don't know the difference between 'their' and 'there' lol

if it's a romantic DD then Jon Secada- http://youtu.be/S6Tlq7mq-PU

If it's a dramatic DD then Slot, russian rock group. http://youtu.be/FP5qbe-WF5g




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