When you daydream, how do you see? Like in a movie, watching everything from a distance, or through your character/your eyes just like in real life?

I see everything like a movie, even if I daydream about myself, I see myself..

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Usually through my character's eyes (unless it's a daydream that doesn't involve my character, which doesn't happen often).

That's cool :) so you don't  see your character, but It's  more like you feel and think like your character? 

When my sight is dormant my awareness is vivid and my other senses are alert. That's an excellent perception question! Mostly first person in a daydream and sometimes third person while asleep and dreaming. 

I never really thought about this, it's interesting. I switch between third and first person depending on whats going on. If I'm by myself in the scene, or with a group of characters, its third person. If I'm talking to one specific person or am doing something action intensive, it's first person.  Obviously it's not set in stone, I'll pay more attention next time to get a better idea.

100% third person because I have this thing where if I'm in first person it's like I don't have control of the daydream and I fall through the floor. It's weird.
My dreams are usually in the third person. I like seeing expressions and body movement and it does feel more interactive that way. At least to me.

I've never really thought about it.... Mine's definitely more first person but at times third person.. depending on the scenario and what characters are involved

I see everything like a movie.  I still feel all the emotions of all the characters.  My daydreams are less visual and more emotional.  

They are usually in third person. I can switch to first person sometimes though. I like third person though since then I can emotionally connect to more characters.

Most of the time I'm the main character. Sometimes I am the bystander/extra wishing I was like the main character.

Like a movie, where I can clearly tell people's emotions and thoughts instead of having to guess it through my own perspective. I've worried a lot throughout 14 years of what people think of me and if friends are actually friends or if they're just forcing themselves to talk to me. It's a better reality where I know everything and I get to direct it.
im in third person, but can switch to first person which i so often do. i dream with my eyes open. and i "see" things with my mind. But i can feel what the main characters feel.


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