I've been studying Jungian psychology and type theory recently, and now that I know about MD, I'm wondering if there's a correlation between MD and Myers-Briggs personality type. Are there certain innate traits that make someone more likely to develop MD?

Does anyone else here know their Myers-Briggs type? How about Enneagram? If you don't, here are some free, online tests you can take:



Just remember that test results can be very inaccurate. I've been mistyped a couple times. You really have to understand the entire theory before you can accurately type yourself.

Let me know what type you are! If you need any help typing yourself, let me know. I know quite a bit about this stuff now and I can ask you questions to narrow it down for you. :)

Here are my types:

Myers-Briggs: ESFP
Enneagram (according to tritype theory): 7w8 > 4w5 > 1w2


More information:

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The Myers-Briggs test has been discussed at length on another forum discussion.  Just an FYI.  

I always score high on INFP 85% introverted. I don't know if I am MD first or it is just a personality thing. MD seems a more relevant label because I have a trouble focusing because of internal day dreaming or chatter. I am unsure if I am highly introverted or just seeking out aloneness because I want to day dream.That would be interesting.

I'm INFP as well. 81% introverted...


the description fits me pretty well except for being late, I am always early.

On Myers-Briggs I'm an INFJ (Counselor), which seems to be incredibly accurate for me. I took the Enneagram one too but I didn't understand the results completely and it probably wasn't very accurate because I couldn't understand many of the questions.

And I'm 87% introverted.

@Way Too Internal - Introversion and extraversion is really about where you get your energy, and not about social skills. If you get your energy from being around people, and if you could spend all day at a party with 100 people you don't know, you're probably an extravert. If being around a lot of people drains you and makes you want to go sit in a dark closet for an hour, you're probably an introvert. Introverts are much more introspective. Extraverts are usually good at thinking on their feet. I probably seem like an introvert to a lot of people, because I'm very shy and I withdraw a lot to daydream—not to mention the fact that some people drive me nuts and I want to get away, lol. But I'm most definitely an extravert because I LOVE being around people.

Oh, and there's no in betweens when it comes to introversion and extraversion. You're either one or the other. It depends upon your dominant Jungian function, which doesn't change.

@Rachel - My sister's an INFJ too. :) It's so weird... there's 9 people in my family (including me) and we're all a different personality type. No wonder we have problems, lol. Most of them are introverts, so it's no fun for me. :/

Yeah, the tests can be confusing. It's better to read the descriptions and choose the one that fits you best. From what I've heard, most INFJ's are Enneagram type 1 or 5. 4 seems to be common too, although I think a lot of those are mistypes. My INFJ sister is a definite 2w1.

@Cordellia Amethyste Rose - Sorry, I didn't see that thread. I guess I should have looked. And here I was thinking I had come up with an original idea for a discussion. *cries*

Mine changes depending on which voice in my head is out lol. But "I'm" an INTJ.

@M Hunter - Hey, that's pretty cool, lol. Do you find the change annoying or do you not really notice it?

I'm still an ESFP in my daydreams, although my personality changes when I act out my daydreams from the perspective of other people. I suppose the change is just an imitation. My cognitive functions don't actually change.

Well I let all of them take the test. They told me the answers and each one was different. I found it interesting. Sometimes it affects me, like sometimes parts of them transfer onto me like I can be highly extroverted and a people person, like Scott, which isn't in "my" nature at all. Sometimes I like and other times it annoys me.

Wow, that's really interesting. So, how do you tell which "you" is actually "you"? And do other people ever notice the changes in your personality and think it's strange?

Sorry for all the questions... this is just fascinating and I love going off topic in my own thread, lol. ;)

Well I'm not like Sybil lol. I don't exactly switch as it were. 98% of the time the person in my body is me. The way to look at it is my body is a vehicle and I'm in the drivers seat. Sometimes there's someone in the passenger seat and they might be giving me directions. Other times they might have a hand on the wheel so we both have influence. Only a handful of times has someone else taken over in the drivers seat whilst I have a little nap in the back.
Sometimes it's confusing to understand who I am but for the most part I have a good idea and other people rarely see me anyway. I normally act like a different person in front of others anyway, which I'm sure is something others here can relate to. My partners the only one who notices changes.


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