I was wondering if as many people as possible could give me a description of your body language - e.g how you sit, how you sleep, and is it different when you are around people to when you are alone?

My body language is very unusual, I have received comments on it my whole life.  When I am in a stage in life where I am daydreaming a lot my body language is very awkward. I do not feel comfortable unless I am uncomfortable, I always want to be in foetal position as tight in a ball as I can get. I have to have my knees up when I am sitting. I always have my arms scrunched up close to my body I a really awkward way. I am always trying to be in a ball, even when I am walking.  

I have found that when I stop daydreaming my body language becomes less and less awkward by the day. It starts to become normal. is anyone else the same? I have never witnessed anyone with body language as unusual as mine 

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Teenage years, and well early twenties, in my case up until 23, i was pretty awkward too. Body language has to do with body image and confidence. As you grow older or become more aware and less conscious of your body, the body language will sort itself out.

Dont fret over it!

I have a very withdrawn body image especially when sitting down as well. Even if I am alone watching TV I still NEED to be like spooning the pillow (best way I can explain it). If I'm with my friends and trying to not sit like a total queer I can suffice fine with my arms folded against my chest/stomach or hands clasped on my lap. I also will sit very stretched out to like attempting to lie sideways on a armchair just to position my body away from what ever is going on while having a conversation completely upside down... lol. 

Standing up I'm the complete opposite. I will like bend over and get in your face and tap your shoulder and move my body like to the "vibes of the conversation" and it's really eccentric and weird. It's very lively and I just can't stand still, and straight like a normal person. I'll be like bouncing and nodding my head etc. If anyone has been around people on LSD, that is my exact way I am when communicating standing up.  

I have  not noticed if my body language changes when I daydream less. I can tell you, however, that when I DD, I use hand gestures, and my face is more expressive. When I am interacting with others, I never gesture, and my face for the most part has a flat affect (unless I've been drinking) . Very odd. I also am more comfortable when I am in positions that are bad for my joints and muscles, and if I do some mild DD with people around, I tend to look angry because I tense up my muscles (I think that's from not being able to pace and mumble)

If I am standing, I have to have something in my hands, or I will start twisting my fingers. I think I am restless combined with awkward, but it has been getting better as I have gotten older.

I slouch a bit (it makes it hard at dance, actually, because me shoulders keep falling forewards) ad I sleep curled up a bit, but not like, tight in the fetal position or anything. When I'm alone, I do sometimes sit in sorta weird positions, compared to being around people. But then again, I often lie on the floor in the sun awkwardly curved like a cat.

But yeah, mostly I'm a bit closed of and curved in, but it does vary depending on the situation.

I tend to want to be in a foetal position all the time. I guess it’s a subconscious need to be safe. When I sleep I want to be in a foetal position if there are other people as I tend to want to hide and cover up any possible actions of daydreaming. When nobody is around I can lie on my back and sleep and murmur and mouth all the dialogues and expressions I want. When I daydream my gait tends to be more free and my arms move whereas otherwise they don’t. 

From what I know my body langugue is normal.  Even when I'm daydreaming.


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