I know I ask a lot of  things in my discussions but I'm curious, what is your biggest trigger? Mine is definitely music, anytime I listen to music I jump up a little while later and begin daydreaming, usually with it still playing from my iHome. Lately now though I use my big over-ear headphones and relax.

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Music - I create my own "video clip" to the song I'm currently listening to, movies, books, some big events or shows... I think pretty much everything....
'm afraid to do that to myself

Being by myself and doing tasks that don't require a lot of active mental attention such as doing dishes, listening to music, walking, driving even.  If I am actively engaged in a conversation with someone, I don't go off into my daydream. 


I also find that stress is a major trigger for me.  The more stressed I am, the more I need to escape.  Daydreaming has become a way in which I cope with stress.

music. I have 3 special MD songs that trigger  a set fantasy. Car journeys and alcohol.

Pacing and music, especially together.


I have used to have a rocking horse and would use that to daydream sometimes, but I usually rocked side to side on it instead  of backwards and forwards like you're meant to. lol


Also, if I can actually watch them, films or TV shows. Even cartoons I will steal ideas from. And books. I sometimes even use the characters, which I normally do do. I actually have one character in my DDs at the moment who is my BF in every daydream I have, but I normally protect him XD


And also... *waffles on*

My biggest trigger to daydream is being awake.  Music adds enjoyment to it. :D
Bandwidth and IQ, though I've rarely met such exceptional individuals.
Music. Sometimes I miss being able to just listen to a song I love without going off into a fantasy.

Ikr it's fucked up sometimes..

I love my music but a particular artist will blow my mind and its crazier watching them perform...

H89 said:

Music. Sometimes I miss being able to just listen to a song I love without going off into a fantasy.

Music, walking and driving are all huge triggers for me. 

Besides what has already been mentioned (music, driving, monotonous activity), I've noticed some more odd ones as ive started paying attention more.

Number one is I daydream immediately when I wake up in the morning, even out of my bed. For some reason it is soooo strong in the morning, before coffee mind you. It starts the second I open my eyes I have racing thoughts and the urge to daydream...I wont even be able to go back to sleep no matter how hard I try (this can be problematic). I end up getting up and daydreaming immediately, without music. A lot of times I get so caught up in it that I put off eating breakfast or taking a shower for hours, no matter how hungry or dirty I am. Seems immediately when I wake up I have to 'think through' some subject, like the feeling you get when something important happens you have to 'think through' it, only with me it could be a totally random unimportant topic. And obviously caffeine aggravates this. I'm VERY sensitive to caffeine.

Another very strong trigger is when I see something that I think is reeeeeaaly funny or cool on tv. I have to reenact it immediately lol. Or when I see whatever celeb I am fixated on in an interview or whatever, it makes me want to daydream so bad.

Also if I get mad at someone in my real life, ill feel like I really need to express myself.

Controversial topics are a trigger, as I will then feel like arguing or impressing someone in my daydream. I really try to avoid anything controversial because these sorts of daydreams really take a lot out of me and I could end up being in a really bad mood afterwards.

When something exciting or scary happens. Like incidences on the road for example.

When im in a very good mood.

Going a long time without daydreaming


Anything and everything car rides, music, tv shows, books, video games, life in general.


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