What "healthy daydreaming is" (i.e. how "normal people" daydream)

Going through my copy of "Daydreaming" by Singer (a paperback so old when I dog-ear it the "ear" falls off)

He did ancient ('75) studies on daydreaming and how most people do it; he even went so far as to say which races daydream more, etc.

So most everyone daydreams but every now and then there the oddball who cannot visualize anything. Most normal people do not daydream about anything "anxious" rather they either plan out the next day visually or employ daydreaming to mentally solve a physical task.

Some people's daydreams are highly fantastical- "What would I do with a million dollars", "What is heaven like".

I haven't gotten that far but he seems to think that sexualized daydreams and the people-pleasing stuff I harp on are strange.

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haha well let's face it, we are strange ;)

Good grief, I have had that book forever and it was my first book about daydreaming.  He doesn't really get what we MMD'ers actually do, but he went further than most.

I asked my sister who is "normal" what she thinks/daydreams about. She told me she plans out what she's going to cook for the day and what makeup look to try (she's a makeup artist). She told me that she doesn't really daydream in the sense of wasting time or anything, just to occupy time that she has to herself while doing productive tasks.

they use their dreams as tools lol


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