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Hi everyone,

So I want to share my story to see if anyone can relate. I've been daydreaming for as far as I can remember. At first it was a way to escape from an hard life and then it just started to be normal, a part of me. Everytime something's wrong or I'm sad I daydream and I realise I do it all the time now. My trigger is music but I can also do it while walking in a forest... For example I cannot be in a car without music and so I daydream. I red some of the posts and some people were saying it screwed up their life. I'm afraid because lately I broke up with my BF because he did not corresponded to my criterias anymore (among other things) and I wondered if it was because I imagined him almost perfect in my dreams ?

I don't know if I'm clear in what I am saying but I had to talk about it because I kind of feel disconnected from the reality... Don't get me wrong. I am a hard working woman who has friends, hobbies etc but sometimes I wonder If a normal person should daydream that much.

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What is normal?

"Normal" is mostly based on a statistical bell curve. If you are within a standard deviation of the mean then you are "normal". I don't think it is wrong to assume that most of us are not within a standard deviation of the mean when it comes to daydreaming. As far as the pursuit of real relationships, There are a lot of reasons that can be difficult that have nothing to do with maladaptive daydreaming. A lot of people set unrealistic standards for their potential partner without having had created a "perfect" partner in their imagination.

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