What did you feel in the days following your discovery of MDD?

Did you feel less or more strange? Did you feel empowered? Did you want to embrace it or stifle it? Did you feel like you have a better understanding of who you are?

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I was very happy to find out I wasn't the only one...not that I wish it upon others...but, that I'm not alone.  I have a very busy "real" life, so I know I don't do it out of boredom.  I think it just makes me a happier person as I don't spend time dwelling on the harsh realities of life.  I use it to deal with life basically...like today, driving in really bad road conditions, it helped to have a DD person in the vehicle with me, telling me when to slow down or pass, etc...then, having to deal with a large company trying to charge me for something I no longer receive in services...it helped to vent on DD people to work through my anger with it.  I know these people are not real, but it helps to talk to them.


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