what are some of your triggers and how do u avoid them. Do you think that it would be best not to daydream or should we embrace the day dreams and do them as we like. I find when I am trying my best not to daydream I am happier as suppose to when I am daydreaming. Should i try to repress my daydreams or just embrace them.

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My DD are more intense & necessary when I have a lot of work or something that needs to get done. I have a lot of anxiety in my life & DD are a way of self-soothing. I believe it's also a habit & anything you can do to break the habit cycle, the better off you'll be.

I have been wondering the same thing. About one year ago (before I knew what MD was btw) I decided to stop, and for about six months or maybe more I was free from MD with only a few exceptions. I felt really happy, I was doing great in school, and I never thought of going back. Some bad stuff started happening in my life and I ran back to MD like an addiction. I decided to stop again, but it was really hard. I can't really handle the stress of quitting on top of everything else that is happening, and now that I am back to daydreaming I really enjoy it. After all of that time away, I find it really easy to control my MD. I don't want to quit, but I do feel a little bit guilty about daydreaming after spending so much effort to quit. I don't know. As long as I am living a fruitful life outside of MD, why shouldn't I be able to do it for fun sometimes when I am not doing anything important? Anyway, I guess the point is I have the same question.

My trigger is pacing while I listen to music! I try to avoid pacing but of course I can't stop listening to music....Music is my life! About DD i try to supress it bc it involves real life people and I'm getting depressed! But sometimes I try to include fictional characters and then I find it more interesting! So I guess it's OK if you feel happy and not hurt! Although I agree I'm bettee off!!

Stress and boredom are my two biggest triggers.  It helps alleviate the stress, but it makes the boredom worse because I'll end up just sitting around longer and daydreaming than going about and doing stuff.  Then stuff piles up and I start to procrastinate and that stresses me out so I daydream which makes me feel better at the moment.

The best way I've found to avoid that trigger is to have a task to do the moment the alarm clock goes off in the morning.  Get up and do it and don't even start daydreaming.  But lately someone on this forum mentioned setting aside a certain time of day to daydream, and that has been helping me.  I day dream when I go for a walk in the evening for exercise.  When I feel the urge to do it throughout the day, I tell myself just to wait until the evening and for some reason this helps.

I do enjoy daydreaming, but when I'm trying to sleep, I can barely stop it....it takes a lot of willpower to. 

I can lay down at 12AM, start daydreaming, look at the clock - 3AM.   :/

Otherwise, a lot of other times I daydream, I don't mind it. It normally doesn't interfere with my ability to work or focus on something important, thankfully.


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