I just wanted to know what everyone does when they day dream. For me I rock back and forth and I know for many others, they pace, make facial movements. I just wanna know some of the other types so I can learn more about this more. Also to find more body rockers as I've only ever met one person who does and they do not have MD.

I'm new here so I hope this is in the right area of the site, seems other things i've posted no one sees. Thanks for reading.

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I pretty much twirl an object in my right hand. Its evolved from toys when i was a kid, to soda tabs when i got to old too carry toys with me everywhere, and now its pen caps. Specifically Bic round stic pen caps(it takes awhile to get used to a new object so it has to be the consistent). I mumble out dialogue and sometimes do sound effects out loud too. Since i require a particular object to daydream it means i have toooooons of pen caps, in every room in my apartment, my car, and I always carry at least two in my pocket..... I'm sure my roommates are really confused why there's 4-5 pen caps chillin in the bathroom without a pen anywhere to be seen lol 


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