One of the most important aspects of maladaptive daydreaming to me is the triggers. I think I should first start out with what my triggers tend to be. One abnormal trigger I have is that sometimes I may have a uncomfortable memory from the past, which happens often. For example, say I have a memory about someone calling me a certain name. I may remember it and the feeling I get is the same feeling that I experience when it took place. When I feel that uncomfortable emotion, its like my mind, as a defense to the thought itself, retreats me to my Daydream World. Whats interesting about this is that its internal, instead of being external like a lot of people's are. Now, the second trigger is " the no reason trigger", as I like to call it lol. For example, if I have friends over, sometimes I get this unusual urge to want to them leave like immediately so I can Daydream the day away. I never understood why I do this, but I fight it because I don't want my secret exposed. 

     I told one of my friends about my MD and my experiences with it, and then he shockingly said he had it too. He agreed with me too that another trigger is entertainment such as movies or television. I think, maybe it triggers our creative minds to be " radioactive", because usually when I watch a fighting movie or game it happens. (Sorry if this blog is a bit lengthy) One more fascinating trigger that was when I'm on the phone with my friends for example, they say just a simple WORD, and it sparks an idea, which germinates into a whole fantasy. In fact, there have been numerous occastions where I would say " I'll call you back", and pace back and forth like a drug addict lol. I would like to hear from your guys.

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If I see something romantic or traumatic. It makes me start to daydream about what If happened to me..

I think you identified the most common MD causes:

  1. Negative memory/flashbacks
  2. Social settings
  3. Media
  4. Idea spark off

Though I wouldn’t call the negative memory reason abnormal. In fact it is IMHO the most rational reason for MDing. It is an immediate response to pain akin to the ‘fight or flee’ response. My daydreaming in social settings is short term as the other person usually points it out or I become conscious of it. It is or rather was, more common when I’m isolated in social settings. I would consciously push myself in social settings when I was younger and had nothing to do, to dream.

The media MDing is most common for me is while I am reading though television and online forums are also triggers. The idea spark-off is the hardest to control. I often go into the bathroom or earlier used to start writing just to get the idea-germination out of my mind. One crossover cause is when a scene on television leads to the germination of an idea, usually a commentary on the scene happening sort-of like the television/media commentators but antithetical to what I’ve heard about the program in question.


If I am upset that triggers off my MD.

Books, anime or cartoons, movies and music..


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