I have had a lot lol.One of my moments was when i was checking out at a store i was about to reach for the receipt and rip it out of the machine and take it. Tell i finally came back to my senses and pulled my hand back. lol

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today I was going down a 40 mph road and had to turn right into a neighborhood but I didn't even realize it until it was too late and I pulled a really fast right turn xD

I had one today. I was making cake pops and started mixing the ingredients together. I then remembered  I forgot to add the cake mix. After mixing it for four whole mins. Lol OTL fail.

I was taking a math test and I had done maybe three problems. The next thing I knew, I heard the teacher saying "you have 5 more minutes to finish up your tests"... I had been daydreaming the whole time! 20 minutes had gone by and I didn't even notice! Dx


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