At pretty much all times in my life I have found great relaxation in rythmic, repetitive activities. As a child I would frequently bounce a ball for hours on end, sometimes I would twirl around a broomstick, other times I have jumped on a trampoline for long periods of time. I have noticed that I usually only have one type of activity at any given time in my life. Now, as it has been for the past few yeras, I have gone on a swing in my backyard as my way of "escape." I have used it so much that it literally snapped in half at one point and needed to be replaced. I'm sure that this is a repeat post but I am new to the community and would love to hear about what activities unlock the daydreamer in you most.

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Music, movies, sometimes books. Sometimes it's been situations that I've seen in real life. 

Attempting boring homework, mostly English. I don't even need English for the Tertiary study I want to do, but it's compulsory. Stupid school. Um, in times of general boredom, before I go to sleep and when I wake up (I fail miserably at the Get-up-when-I-wake-up thing my therapist said I should do) and often while listening to music. Often while reading I look up or away from the book and start DDing (If there's text there I'd end up reading it so I look up to DD, catch myself and look back down again.) Sitting in the car, and, quite scarily, while I'm driving, though I try hard to avoid it, and while I'm biking to/from school. Anything that doesn't take much concentration, and I'll probably be DDing, and when I'm trying to do something boring.

Walking and walking and walking. I got rid Of my car so I can walk lol 1 and a half hour to work and same distance back. Daydream all way. I used to daydream in car too but had a couple of accidents so walking is best.

But I don't need to walk to daydream . My life is a living daydream.

Chores is daydream gardening is daydream anything but not when I'm talking to someone.


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