OK, this is basically just a thread where you can put any weird habits you have in a list (if you have that many) and then see if other people have the same/similar things to you.

WARNING: By the time I've typed all my weird habits, the scroll bar at the side will probably be too small to even see. So good luck scrolling down ;  )


  • I have a 'lip thing' that I do sometimes. It's hard to describe, but basically, with my toprow of teeth, I bite the bottom of my bottom lip and slide them up it, then with my bottom row of teeth I bite the top of my top lip and slide my teeth down. I do this twice, then do the same thing with my bottom lip and of row of teeth, but only once.  TNohen I do the same thing, but vice versa, so first once with my bottom teeth and top lip, then twice with my top teeth and bottom lip, then with my bottom teeth and top lip. I will often do this a few times in a row, but I always have to finish using my bottom teeth and top lip. I can do this whole thing once in 3.5 seconds, without even thinking about it.
  • I have the world's weirdest sleeping position. I have to sleep without my head on the pillow. Instead I tuck the duvet under my head, to hold it still, then I have my left fist holding the part of the duvet that's by my mouth so that my fist covers my mouth is I'm sleeping omn my left side, and vice versa for my right side. If I am DDing my 'fetishy DDs' and I am lying on my right side, I will tuck the duvet between my legs (but still in the position I mentioned above) but only if I'm on my right side.
  • When I am thinking/DDing about my fetish or something awkward, I have to cross my legs. I don't know why, but I do.
  • This is technically a weird phobia, but I am terrified of a certain type of flying insect that I can't even stand to type the name of. I don't mind if other people type it, but I can't type it myself, and I wouldn't be able to look at a picture of it. I can't make myself type the name of it, but here are 2 clues about it: 1) One of its names has 2 words to it, the first word is the name of a vechile used on a buillding site that begins with 'c' (and it's not car), the second word is 'fly'. 2) The other of its names is 3 words, the first word is what young children normally call their father, the second word is the opposite of short, and the last word is 'legs'. When 2 of these insects got into my room when I was younger, after they were gone,  that is what caused me to develop my sleeping position that I mentioned above.
  • I have several places on my body that I don't like being touched, or that hurt when pressure is put on them, but shouldn't. (or maybe they should, and I'm just being ignorant of that fact < P) The first is my shoulders, I am really uncomfortable with anyone touching my shoulders apart from my parents. Even when a guy who I had a crush on put his hands on my shoulders, I was so uncomfortable. I also have similar feelings about my shoulder blades, but not as severe. If pressure is put on the place where my right thigh joins my waist, it hurts. I discovered this when I was sitting down and my Nan's dog jumped on me and put her paw there. I had to move her paw, I couldn't stand it. I haven't actually ever had anyone touch my neck, but the thought of it makes me... urgh. My 'neck thing' is sort of similar to what I've mentioned below.
  • Certain things make me feel really weird. I can't really describe it but, say someone was sticking the point of  a pencil in the carpet, I would just feel... weird, like the carpet was feeling pain through me. We once had to do something like this in my Year 5 class, we were measuring rooms and we had to stick pencils in the carpet to mark where we'd measured, I just felt...urgh.
  • If I bang into something, for example I bang into my radiator when I'm pacing, I will always apologise to the object and body part that I banged. It's a habit from when I was younger and my over actie imagination thought that objects could feel pain and emotions, so I would be careful so that the objects didn't want to get me. Lol. I still sometimes think weird things like that might, just might, be true. But when I apologise to objects and parts of my body, it's mainly out of habit.
  • This isn't really a habit, but it always seems like Ready Salted crisps taste better if you eat more than one at a time, and very quickly. For every other flavour, it's vice versa.
  • Even if I'm not depressed or have no reason to be sad, I always find it easier to write poems about break ups or losing your best friend or something like that. Most of the stories I (try to) write have death and/or similar bad things in them.
  • I can be very slow at doing stuff, but whenever I'm walking, sometimes even when I'm ill, everyone is always walking too slow and I have to walk on the spot, sometimes 2 or 3 steps before I actually walk forwards.
  • I am sort of germaphobic, but not all the time. Like sometimes I'm terrified of germs, and sometimes I don't even care if someone has a cold and they sneeze into their hands then touch something I have to touch. Sometimes I'm even germophobic of other people who won't even come near me for about a week. I'm weird.
  • I usually try to avoid wearing a long sleeved top because I might have to wear a long sleeved jacket over the top of it. When that happens, it drives me nuts. Inside, I'm going, AAAAARGHHHHH!!!!!!!
  • This is just a weird thing that I can do; I can 'click' my right ankle, that is, I can make the bone in it move at will. 
  • I can't whistle, snap my fingers or do that thing where you pinch your nose shut, breathe in, let go and your nose stays like that. I can flare my nostrils, though, so that's probably why I can't do the last one.

That's it for now, what are your weird habits/things/whatever and are any of them the same as mine? Probably not lol.

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I count stairs when I'm walking up or down them. I hate when someone is talking to me while we walk up stairs as I feel panicked that I can't keep count. I have had to walk back up or down to re-count the stairs. On steps that I know by heart it is enough to just make a mental note when I'm on step #3 or #7 etc.

I also mentally rearrange groupings of objects, like these candlesticks my mother used to keep on the coffee table. I imagine all the ways they could be arranged, smallest to largest, in a circle, all willy nilly, etc.

When I'm thinking I put my fingertips together and slide the fingernails of one hand under the other's fingernails then vice versa.

I often feel the need to apologize (in my head) to things that I'm throwing away, or plants that I'm pulling up.

Funny that you don't like those bugs with the long legs as those are the only ones I allow to live in the house, they are like pets and I feel "lucky" when I see them in the bathroom. Send them my way :)

o.o Wow, somebody here is super brave. Believe it or not though, I have three of yours. The first is the sleeping position. I also can't lay my head directly on the pillow. The second one is I can't snap my fingers. And the third is I can't stand wearing a long-sleeved coat over a long-sleeved shirt. Even during the winter, I wear short sleeves.

Well, here go a few of my quirks.

  • I like to close my eyes and watch the abstract images of light floating around, forming images, etc.
  • I like the sound of someone writing, erasing, and coloring in a drawing on paper. I guess it has to do with that nice feeling I get when people lean on my back to write for support. Even if it's not directly on me, I get the same kinda pleasant feeling. o_O
  • Before I make a phone call, I have to type everything that I'm going to say word for word and rehearse it. Even if it's something as simple as calling a store or scheduling an eye exam. Social anxiety bites.
  • I'm easily grossed out when it comes to cleaning up dead bugs. This includes common ones like dead flies and spiders. I always use a broom or some object to get them from a distance. Sometimes I'll just let them stay there for days until someone else picks them up. Bad habit. 
  • It really bothers me when other people make repetitive movements while sitting down, like shaking their legs or twirling their hair for hours. I go out of my way to block them from view, however uncomfortable my sitting position might be.
  • Snoring and slurping coffee. I can't stand those noises, but I learn to live with people. Or at least, I endure it for as long as I can. I know I can't talk though. I slurp when I eat cereal, and I'm told that I breathe loud when I sleep. Sigh.
  • I don't drink the milk from my cereal. My family says it's wasteful but I just...don't wanna.
  • I can't sleep without the sound of my fan. Silence is...uncomfortable, like I feel pressure in my ears.
  • I imagine a random person skipping rope.
  • I think about the space between myself and the ceiling. o_O
  • This is not my quirk, but something my classmate told me. When they stare at someone, they take their silhouette and imagine pasting it all over the wall until there's no space left.

@ J Noland: So you have them (the ----- flies) in America? I wonder how much it would cost to put them on a plane... lol. Sorry, I just felt like giving that relpy to your reply. (Now I know why people don't get my explantions... ( ;  )  I also do the rearranging objects in my head thing, but I only realised when I saw your reply.  And something else I remembered, I absolutely always have to walk up the stairs 2 at a time, and down in the same way (but I can't always walk down them in this way, so I don't always do this one), even if I'm so ill I can barely walk. Like I was a few weeks ago...


@ Laila: Yeah, I'm with you on the dead bugs thing. Why don't they die outside? I mean, when we die, we don't make the bugs clean us up, do we? Lol. Another weird habit I have: making jokes that aren't actually funny, because I have a weird sense of humour. That's why I like it when people are so tired they'll laugh at anything. Because they'll even laugh at my jokes < P


I feel like replying to people replies today...

One of its names has 2 words to it, the first word is the name of a vechile used on a buillding site that begins with 'c' (and it's not car), the second word is 'fly'. 2) The other of its names is 3 words, the first word is what young children normally call their father, the second word is the opposite of short, and the last word is 'legs"

I had fun figuring this one out! English is not my first language, so it took a bit of time, but I got it now.


Right now, I can't think of any weird habits although I'm sure ex-boyfriends and girlfriends could come up with a ton. I'm just so used to them, I don't even notice.

  • when i'm on the computer sometimes i bite the nail on my left thumb. not on any other fingers, just my left thumb and it's only when i'm on the computer. o_0 xD
  • i peel apart my split ends on my hair when i'm bored in class.
  • i spin my earrings around if they're studs.
  • i used to crack my knuckles a lot but now i don't. i don't remember when or why i stopped hahaha.
  • if i remember something that i don't want to remember, like a bad memory or an embarrassing moment, i'll say "ow". i don't know why i do that. it doesn't make any part of my body hurt hahahaha i just say "ow". and then someone will be like "what hurts?" and i'll say "i have a headache" or something like that because i always feel so weird when i do that. it's just something that i do, and i always have.
  • i don't know if this is a habit or not, but if i'm drinking soda out of the can, i have to rip the pop tab off the top. if the tab isn't off, it really bothers me.
  • i don't have OCD but if i'm at school and everyone is turning their papers in and they don't put it a neat pile it drives me crazy and i need to make the pile neat. xD
That hatred of sounds is called Misophonia, btw, in case you're interested.  I have it too, REALLY bad.  

James said:

Weird habits? I have loads!

  • I bite my nails...a lot
  • I can't stand the sound of people chewing food
  • I have an oral fixation, which means I'm constantly putting things in my mouth
  • When I go to sleep, my head is on my pilows. When I wake up, there's usually 1 pillow under my head, 1 on the floor and 1 at some other part of the bed. Not sure what I do when I'm asleep!
  • I apologize to my old childhood toys in my head for not playing with them and I feel sorry for them sat in a closet doing nothing
  • I feel sorry for things when they get thrown out or don't get used
  • I hate the sound of knuckles cracking, and the sound of people tapping against the window on a bus
  • When I'm walking alongside someone I like to try and take steps at exactly the same time and the same size as them
  • I like to "drink" crisps out of the packet. I literally pour the crisps from the packet into my mouth
  • I like to rest my head against a car/bus window and feel the vibrations
  • I always rip the tab off of soda cans like Meghan above
  • I eat cake weirdly- I eat from the bottom up so I get the icing (frosting) last
  • Whenever a teacher at school is yelling at the class, I always answer back in my head. So, if a teacher shouted "your behaviour has been awful this lesson", in my head I'll be thinking "that's cause your an awful teacher." I think it's just my way of venting the anger of being yelled at.
  • I dream in excessive amounts, but I always stop other people's dreams. Like recently my friend was telling me he wanted to get into this special college, and I had to remind him that he wasn't going to get good enough grades. Whenever anyone wants anything unrealistic I have to tell them it won't happen because I don't want them to be disappointed. But it's a bit rich coming from an MD'er

I have more weird habits but I think I'll leave it at that.

I have this one very very annoying habit of thinking ppl can hear my thoughts.
You too?!? I thought I was alone and crazy with that... I know that
It's ridiculous and all to think that but I just can't help it. Like
Today for example I thought my friend John was reading my
Mind for some reason and so I thought something crazy and weird to get a reaction
But all he did was twitch his hand haha... 

Ahavayah said:
I have this one very very annoying habit of thinking ppl can hear my thoughts.
  • When I'm in bed, I hold my blanket in my hands and drape it over my mouth.  It's comforting somehow.  This has been known to cause cramping in my arms and a greasy bedspread from my night-time moisturizer.
  • I loathe my bellybutton being touched in any way.  I make sure the waistband on my pants or skirts don't come into contact with my navel, and wearing tights or pantyhose is torture.  Once, while I was at work, I took a pair of scissors and modified the tights I was wearing by cutting the waistband off to just below my navel.  I couldn't take the rubbing sensation.
  • Whenever I eat candy, I have to count them out, pair them in even numbers, and match up colors.   Before I eat the pairs, I eat the odd candies that aren't matched up, one at a time, never combining two different colors.  The mix of flavors can be gross.
  • Before bed each night, I check both my closets, behind the shower curtain, under the bed, behind the doors, and inside my hope chest for...I'm not sure exactly...robbers? ghosts?  I can't get to sleep if I don't do it.
  • I detest the sound of animals grooming themselves.  It just grosses me out.  This proves interesting, since I have two cats and have to leave the room whenever they start to clean themselves.  As much as I hate the noise, I don't want dirty kitties either.
  • Sometimes, when I recall something stupid I did or said, I wince and make kind of a short grunting/moaning type of noise.  By doing this, it shakes the memory away.  I only do this in private, however.
  • If I, or anyone that is with me, gets a beverage with a top on it that has those little bubbles you can press in, I feel compelled to press them in.  In the past, I've gone so far as to ask friends who I'm comfortable with for their cups so I could press in their bubbles. 
  • When I'm at a restaurant, I take the straw wrappers, smooth them out, and begin tying them in knots until I run out of straw.  I do this so frequently, friends will just give me their wrappers without my asking. 

I have Trypophobia which means I freak out if I look at uneven holes like lotus seed pods honeycombs bug tunnels in wood or on leaves and all that.

I also don't like butterfly's people always ask me why do you scream because of a butterfly and all I can say I think they are disgusting the lil body's the antennas an all sorry but they give me the creeps and I can't help it.

I crack my ankles before I go to bed and I seem to do that all night long because I can hardly stand on my feets in the morning it hurts so bad.

I always sleep on my left side.

I have to check all the doors and make sure all the windows are locked before I go to bed at least 3 times and then I'm still thinking about checking it again.

I'm paranoid about candles and never have any because I'm scared I burn my house down.
I seem to say I'm sorry a lot.

I carry the house phone from my living room in my pocket when I leave the room even thou I have 3 more stations with phones in the house.

I'm sure there is more but for right now this is all I can think of .

Not many people call themselves arrogant and even less try to overcome it! That seems somehow... un-arrogant. I guess you're  a humble Leo, haha.

That's true, arrogance is in the mind more thanin actions. Maybe you can turn arrogance into self-confidence. They're not that different, but the latter doesn't require any anger. What do you think of this youtube-video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKqYOgaO_hA ? It's catered to men that want to attrack women, but the first minutes made sense to me.


Okay, sort of ontopic: a weird habit I have is that I always google any questions I have and often find hilarious things. I just googled 'difference between arrogance and self-confidence' and this is what turned up. My google search history must reveal so much of my deepest and silliest thoughts!


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