The survey conducted brings me to realize that all of us have pretty much the same personality traits. It also seems that the majority of us are more proficient in linguistics rather than mathematical subjects. Do you believe that MD is the reason why we all end up having the same personality traits. Or is our personality traits the reason why MD has a major impact on our lives?

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Its interesting. I don't know. I think it could be a little of both. I am glad that they are studying it, Cynthia's work is really getting this more well-known. Maybe one day they will be able to nail down some of these questions we ponder ourselves. It will probably be a while though. 

I come from a very artistic, right-brained family whom many are more introverted and on the eccentric side. So I'm guessing I just inherited some extreme of those personality traits and was as such predisposed to MD.

So I don't know but I'm guessing that certain personality traits (INFP types?) may predispose certain people to develop MD, which, in my case, was very early on in life.

I've always been odd and withdrawn. I'm very extroverted around friends though but not so much with my family because I don't have a good relationship with them.

I personally am good at mathematical subjects. Give me numbers any day over words. I have great spatial-temporal reasoning and an exceptional rote memory. My worst subject in school has always been English Language Arts. All other subjects I excel in except when it comes to putting words to paper. Sciences, Maths, Gym, and History are my good areas. 

honestly i believe that you have to have a certain personality to have MD. it seems like you would have to be very creative and open minded to do something like MD because in a way it alienates you from society.

I'm not actually so great at linguistics, like, I'm good at spelling and decent at grammar, and that's about it with writing. I can sometimes do good introductions. but in maths, (other than the fact that I learned so slowly since year 8, and barely learned a thing last year, y11, because of MD) I've always been really good.

Maybe the ones who were shy when they were younger were more likely to start daydreaming because they were scared of real interactions, and so made fake ones and well, ended up addicted, and it's just how some of us are able to put words to paper that makes them good writers.

If that makes sense.

I have noticed that some people have had very, very few different characters in worlds (like I have. One character I've had right from the start, and I don't think she's ever leaving. I don't want her to, actually.) Um.. where was I? Some people have a new world every few years, or even months, so maybe they're more likely to be able to come up with a whole new story, rather than just a new detailed or rambled scenario. 

I am infp.  

Looking way back, as a child we moved a great deal. I had a great imagination and so much of my time was spent outdoors pretending different scenarios.  Sometimes my sisters joined in and then it was called imaginative play an was okay. i never even at 8 or 10 told anyone in my family about my scenarios.  When you move a lot it is hard to have best friends but my imaginative stories never left me. They simply evolved as I got older taking a turn in the storyline to match the stresses and disappointments in my life.  

I think you have to have good imagination and ability to tell of story, and not be frustrated by revisions.   

One of the things I've noticed lately is taking emotions that are connected to r eality and then weaving those emotions into my storyline.   Because I recognize how often I do it, I worry that I am always running away from problems or I am not living in the moment.  

Unlike some here, I'm not willing to not daydream.  I think it is an individual choice.  And some of it is based on how well you are functioning in your real life - 


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